So much more than before. And so much less, too.
and other great features

Flawless Guest List Management

Lost names, lost bookings and lost sheets. Sound familiar?
With GateMe Pro your guest lists are always in one place and accessible anywhere.
So now there’s no need to run to the host in rush hour and scribble names down.
You can now do it online on your pc, mobile or tablet.
  • Manage guest lists
    Add names one by
    one or via
    mass editor.
    Create permanent
    lists for your regular
  • Check-in guests
    Find and check-in guests
    four times faster
    compared to pen and paper.
    Add guests and have
    their contact information
    saved for the next
    time you need it.
    Control the access level you
    give to individual promoters
    and never have to copy
    and paste their lists again.

Effortless Table Management

Every venue is unique. So are its floorplans.
Create replica floorplans using a simple drag and drop process.
Thus, when customers book for the first time they are able to visualise the room first.
Add and manage
Drag people to tables
when they arrive
Tick to show that
your guests have arrived.

Know Your Customers

You never want to treat your regular customers like strangers.
GateMe helps you collect useful information about your customers: their music preferences, birthdays,
or table/drink preferences. Now you can use this information to offer them memorable experiences.

Collect Information

Nobody wants you to treat them as strangers. We help you learn about them.

Create Promotions

Understand the needs of your guests and send them respective messages. They will start loving you.

Build Engagement

Better engagement means higher revenues for you.

Promoter Management.
Take a Turn for the Better

It’s hard to believe a tool so advanced could be easier to use than pen and paper. But it is.
Forget dozens of sheets with promoter lists and endless calculation
about their payments. We do the work for you.
  • Promoters
    Add your promoters
    by just typing in
    their email addresses.
    You can use them
    for tally counting
    or they can also
    add guests.
  • Tally settings
    Choose a tally
    counting method.
    Configure the tally
    exactly the same way
    you have used in the past.

Reporting. It’s Not Just Advanced,
It’s Just Right

Nightly reports are mailed directly to your inbox. Previously time consuming tasks now take only seconds.
If we manage to make you smile, then we will smile together with you.
  • All the information you need, immediately after the event has ended.
  • Visualized charts and tables.
  • Automated reports to your email.

Be Open 24/7

GateMe lets guests buy tickets and book tables 24/7 from your website.
You don’t miss bookings because guests can’t reach you and your staff
spend less time on the phone. Every ticket or table booked online is instantly visible to you.

POS Integration.
Just All Things In One Place

No more messing with numerous apps and softwares. GateMe talks to most well-known POS systems.
Take your events to the whole new level where all the little things are connected to each other.

Coming soon.

Safety. Built Right In

Your customers' data is yours and we aim to keep it this way.
Your password is protected by encryption, and only you have access to it.
We’ve done and will do everything to ensure maximum uptime and safety of your records.

Protect what’s important

With GateMe you can say goodbye to losing your customers' data that is stored on paper sheets. We automatically save everything to your very own database and keep it safe from unauthorized access.

We do backups, and backups of backups

All data is backed up in real time to a separate server that we can switch to in case the main one has a problem. We also do nightly backups of the entire database.

GateMe Works On All Devices

You have everything you need everywhere you go. Enter guests to guest lists
while in the sauna or having a vacation on Hawaii. Book a table for your friend
while visiting your grandma. It’s a smaller world with GateMe.
  • Tablets (iPad all generations, Nexus devices, other 10 inch tablets)
  • Desktop computers (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Mobile devices with HTML5 support
Smoothly works offline, but for better experience we suggest using Wi-Fi or 3G.
Start increasing your revenues now and
turn casual customers into regular ones.
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