The world’s most advanced
digital event management tool

Instead of having complex manual systems to manage your guest lists, GateMe Pro allows you
to digitally manage them all online or via an app on your tablet or mobile.
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  • Manage your venues

    Digital Guest Lists

    Add, alter and remove guests from lists. GateMe Pro saves you up to 17 hours of admin per month.
  • Promote your events

    Ultrafast Check-in

    Tick guests off on arrival directly from a tablet pc on the door. Show which VIPs have arrived so you know which tables are in use.
  • Track your revenues

    Customer Satisfaction

    Less time queuing equals more fun at the event. Understand your customers and invite them to relevant events.

More Great Features

  • Increase Sales

    You can opt-in to sell tickets via our GateMe Events platform where we market all the events.
    Increase your sales
  • Fill Your Events

    Invite guests to relevant events and help turn them into regular visitors.
    Convert clients to regulars
  • Advanced Reporting

    Receive custom email reports with vital info such as accurate visitor numbers and nightly entrance revenues.
    Reporting for managers
  • Accessible Anywhere

    Access your lists on mobile, tablet and iPad so you can manage your event from anywhere, anytime.
    Access from everywhere

Treat All Your Guests Like VIPs



We help you learn which type of events your customers like to attend.


Please your customers by only inviting them to events they will enjoy.


Customers will appreciate this personalized approach and they will visit more.

Guest List and Table Management

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Add Guests On The Go

With GateMe Pro, guest lists are organised in one place and accessible anywhere. Now there's no need to run to the host in rush hour to scribble some extra names on a piece of paper. Sign up

Sell Tables Online

Make bookings easier for your first-time customers by letting them visualize the room during the booking process and help them pay in advance. Sign up
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Sell Tickets Through Our GateMe Events Platform

These tickets act exactly as your other guest lists do. When someone buys a ticket, their name is added to the guest list and they can get in with their photo ID. Sign up

Choose To Sell Tickets

As well as managing your guest lists, you can choose to sell tickets and tables via our ticket platform GateMe Events.
Link to it from your own website and let your guests add themselves to the guest gist, purchase tickets and book VIP tables.

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