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GateMe was founded in 2011 by a small group of friends in Tallinn, Estonia. The intrepid four, consisting of Ivar, Janar, Toomas and Rivo, knew a couple of nightclub owners who had problems with their guest list management. At the time they were doing it all on paper and we felt that a digital version would make things much easier.

We extensively searched for an existing solution, but to our surprise there was nothing out there. So we decided to invest our own time, energy and money into creating a solution of our own. Thus, GateMe was created.

It was immediately embraced by a number of event organizers in Estonia who instantly recognised the benefits of having their guest lists organised digitally.

Today, GateMe has taken flight and branched into many countries including the UK, where half of our team is currently based, the other half being back in Estonia.

We are proud to have some amazing investors such as the Vestmann Grupp AS, Thorsten OÜ and Seedcamp, in whose London offices we are currently based.

We continue to work hard to help make event management easier for our customers.

GateMe, Inc.
1530 Page Mill Rd.
Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1225
United States of America
+1 650 265 0251 (US)
+44 20 3475 3261 (UK)
E-mail: info@gateme.com

Management & Sales Team

Great things come from great people.
  • Janar Merilo

    Janar Merilo

    CEO, Co-founder
    Tel: +44 20 3475 3261 Skype: joks222
    Janar is our networking guru. He makes sure that we have new customers and they are happy with us. Janar’s background is in internal audit (PwC) and he holds a BSc in Economics and a BA from SSE Riga.
  • Ivar Merilo

    Ivar Merilo

    COO, Co-founder
    Tel: +372 5808 1132 Skype: meriloi
    Any problem with UI or question about our finances? Turn to Ivar and he will give you the answer. Ivar's background is in financial audit (PwC). Ivar holds a BSc in Economics and a BA from SSE Riga.
  • Jaago Viitkin

    Jaago Viitkin

    Sales in U.S
    Tel: +1 786 216 3431 Skype: jaago8
    Jaago loves to visit our customers in the US and to offer them the best solution possible. He lives in Florida, always has a positive attitude and wants to make the world a better place.

IT Team

Meet the folks who make GateMe such a great application.
  • Rivo Laks

    Rivo Laks

    CTO, Co-founder

    Rivo is our IT genius. He makes sure that all IT-related issues are solved and GateMe development goes smoothly. Rivo has been developing software for more than 10 years and he has also worked for Google.
  • Taavi Teska

    Taavi Teska

    Back-end Developer

    Taavi surprises everyone with his energy and positive attitude. If you encounter any errors while using GateMe, turn to him. Taavi has been developing software for 8 years and he holds an MSc from Tallinn University of Technology.
  • Stefan Hiienurm

    Stefan Hiienurm

    Graphic & UX Designer

    Stefan is a young, enormously talented visual artist. He knows how to make little details shine and he can quickly find a solution to any problems with the visual side of GateMe.
  • Jürno Ader

    Jürno Ader

    Back-end Developer

    Jürno is a young and talented developer. He has learned coding mostly by himself. He has previously been part of many projects involving mobile and desktop applications. Jürno is currently studying IT development at Tallinn University of Technology.

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